Two Season 6 Regulars Added To Arrow

After seeing parts of Team Arrow come and go, two have been upgraded as series regulars for Arrow‘s sixth season.


The first to make the cut is Rick Gonzalez (Coach Carter, War of the Worlds), who plays Rene Ramirez and his masked alter-ego, Wild Dog.

Many members of the Arrow fan-base became interested in learning more of Wild Dog after his flashbacks’ role in this season’s thirteenth episode, Spectre of the Gun. This promotion will allow his character to develop on screen, while hopefully giving viewers a conclusion to his story.


The second newly-promoted series regular is Juliana Harkavy (Dolphin Tale, Dusk), who plays Dinah Drake and her iteration of a meta-human Black Canary.

Audiences were introduced to Harkavy’s character in the tenth episode, Who Are You?, but did not join Team Arrow until the following episode, Second Chances. Although her time on the show has been brief, viewers have learned her backstory and have gotten to watch her character develop.

Harkavy’s role in season 6 will be interesting to follow seeing as Katie Cassidy (Monte Carlo, The Scribbler), who portrays Black Siren, is also a series regular for the upcoming season. This could possibly lead to a battle of canary cries, or even a team up, depending on the route each character’s story takes.

The news was broken by Craig Byrne, who writes for GreenArrowTv.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW.

Source: Craig Byrne

Raymond Vinuya


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