Gotham Season 3: Heroes Rise Trailer + What to Expect for the 2nd Half of the Season.

WARNING: SPOILERS for Season 3 of Gotham

Gotham just released a trailer for the back half of season 3. The interesting storylines coming up in the second half of the season include: Bruce transforming into Batman, Ed fully becoming on the Riddler, and Penguin being dead? You can view the trailer below:

The trailer opens up with a limousine door being opened for someone who is unknown to us. Barbara Kean angrily walks through a door into her bar that she and Tabitha owns. We see Jim visiting an unknown person’s grave. My guess is that it is his father’s grave. We then see Ed, in his full Riddler suit, say “Who controls Gotham?” After the death of Mayor Penguin, there will once again be a power struggle for Gotham. Nygma, Barbara, Tabitha and Butch may work together to gain control, but it would not be surprising to see them gain power and lose it trying to get rid of each other. The next interesting shot is of Cat, on the ground, with a real cat walking around her. Look familiar?


We get this extremely cool shot of the Court of Owls standing in a circle with Gotham’s return date on Monday, April 24. We then see Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Poison Ivy in a apartment with an unknown person in the same room as them. It may be Cat, as she is friends with Firefly and Ivy. We see Captain Nathaniel Barnes in prison with a Bane-like mask as he says his signature phrase: “Guilty.”


We then see this very trippy shot of someone running in a hall, but there are three shots of them running in the hall, all displayed side by side. This creates a mirror affect, a hypnotic effect, just like what Mad Hatter would do. We then see a woman who is in the Court of Owls saying: “Judgement is imminent” in a room to several people wearing owl masks. We then hear Jim say: “You promised me the truth, but I am still waiting.” Who is he talking to here? Lee? His uncle? We also see that the lady who is a member of the Court is spying on Jim. We then see Lee in the GCPD, but everyone, including Alfred, is pointing a gun at her. Recently, we saw Nygma manipulate Penguin with Clayface’s help, so I’m guessing this is actually Clayface, and NOT Leslie Thompkins. We then see Fish talking to Nygma about how in Gotham, everyone just points guns at each other. Jim says “I’m tired of being kept in the dark” to someone unknown, but I’m betting it is the to same person that he spoke about “the truth” to. Jim says that “They know we’re coming for them.” They could be the Court of Owls or Fish and her posse. We then see the Court performing some ritual with Bruce, or his lookalike, while someone talks about everything he has done was to prepare Bruce for when Gotham falls apart. A dark hero will rise from the ashes. This makes me think that the Court are influencing events to have Bruce become Batman. Bruce ends the trailer saying, “If this is my destiny, I do not want to fail.”

To recap everything, Fish looks to lead her army of monsters against Gotham, Nygma continues down his Riddler path, Barbara, Tabitha and Butch struggle with gaining control of Gotham, Bruce continues down the path to become Batman with help from the Court, and Jim is lied to and will try to uncover the truth. An interesting topic is that this part of Gotham’s journey is titled Heroes Rise. This is particularly interesting because previous headlines in season 2 were Rise of the Villains, and Wrath of the Villains. Now that the villains have shined, it is time to enter the heroes! Gotham returns Monday, April 24 from its long winter hiatus.

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