Doctor Who Series 10 Review

(A/N I apologize for this being so late)

As I’m sure some of you heard, Doctor Who has come back for Series 10. I’m excited that it’s back and with a new character too. This season stars Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, the doctor’s new companion, and Matt Lucas as Nardole. In the new series we see The Doctor take on the role of a teacher in a university, and Nardole assumes the role as a secretary. This is where Bill also works selling chips/fries at the canteen.

First of all, Bill Potts, one of our first LGBTQ+ companions is also played by a POC. It’s different seeing a new companion-you have to get used to it. Except with new companions brings new adventures, which I love. For me the series trailer didn’t give her enough credit. In the trailer she was portrayed as someone who is annoying, asks a lot of questions, and is a dumb character. In The Pilot she wasn’t like that, for me anyways. She asks questions like any of the other companions would. Also, she’s smarter than she seems, because when the Doctor starts to tutor her, she gets great marks on the work she has done. She’s a comedic relief in all the havoc that the Doctor brings. Time Travel, the TARDIS, and traveling from place to place doesn’t seem like such a big thing for her, which surprises the Doctor. I’m already a fan of Bill Potts and Pearl Mackie.

Using a real job to pass time is where Bill finds The Doctor. This isn’t the first time the Doctor has worked at a university. In Series 10 the Doctor isn’t running around as usual, from the aftermath of last series he is more toned down, but once Bill comes along he realizes that he’s ready to travel with a companion again. One thing I found nice was the Doctor going back in time to take photos of Bill’s mother, because earlier in the episode he found out she didn’t have many of her. That warmed my heart.

I felt that this episode was a bit rushed though. The problem of this episode is fixed quite quickly and differently. Usually we see the Doctor and companion trapped somewhere and having to solve things right there and now. This episode changed that by taking what was chasing them to the other side of the world and the other side of the galaxy, and instead of the Doctor solving the issue, Bill does. He guides her, but she’s there to put an end to it. I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy it though, I was happy to see characters I’ve grown to love back on the screen and back to the usual shenanigans. I’m excited to see what else we have in store for the rest of the season.

If you haven’t watched the series I would suggest now is a good time because as Bill learns about all this, you will with her.

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