Geek Motivation Box Office Report 4/23

The 8th installment of Fast and Furious, Fate of the Furious kept its place at #1 this week, for its second week in a row. This weekend alone brought in $38 million for the movie. Its total gross sits at $168 million dollars.

Boss Baby also held its place at #2 this weekend bringing in $12 million, which now gives the movie a total of $136 million.

The live-action installment of Beauty and the Beast stayed at #3 this weekend for its second weekend. Its weekend gross came on to $9 million, ringing in a total of $471 million dollars.

Premiering this weekend was, Born in China in the #4 spot. A documentary following around Pandas, Snow Leopards and Golden Monkeys, it made $5.1 million for its opening weekend.

Going in Style, with Morgan Freeman, stayed at #5 this weekend for its second weekend, also bringing in $5 million dollars.

Do you have a favorite movie in the box office this weekend?


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