Thor: Ragnarok Lego Sets Reveal Details About Battle Sequences

Since the release of the first teaser trailer, the anticipation for Thor: Ragnarok has only grown. With that in mind, Lego has also just revealed some of their Lego sets based off of the film. These sets also give us some details about some of the major action sequences in the film.

The set, pictured above, is a recreation of the gladiator battle sequence from the trailer. This scene looks just as amazing as the one we experienced in the teaser. Not only have fans been waiting this rematch, but being able to recreate your own also sounds pretty epic, which would make this a must-buy for fans and children alike. 
This second set, also pictured, is where more could be revealed. With the set’s title being, “The Ultimate Battle for Asgard” it can only be assumed that this comes towards the end of the film.  This may even be the final battle.  Valkyrie is one of the characters featured in this Lego set, and can be seen in a ship instead of her iconic comic book Pegasus.  The figure for Bruce Banner, and not the Hulk, is also included. That could be something as simple as Lego trying to save money or add more character variety between the sets.  This could also mean that Banner’s role in the movie increases, which could definitely excite some fans. 

Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters November 3, 2017

Article by Gracie Powell. Follow me on Twitter @Gpal146 and follow Geek Movitivation for more updates!

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