Wonder Woman Sneak Peek Released!

If you remember when Batman v Superman was about to be released, a sneak peek aired during an episode of Gotham. Tonight during an episode of Gotham, a sneak peek to the upcoming movie, Wonder Woman, was released. The sneak peek was more of a small trailer. The majority of footage is old but there was some good new footage. As this article is being written the footage has yet to surface online but here is video of a guy talking about it:

We see a shot of Diana riding horses as a little girl in a beautiful yellow flower patch. We see Diana when she is older fighting an amazon on a piece of land. It is unclear who she is fighting, but we assume this is part of the training from Diana’s time on Themsycira. We see Diana and Steve go to London where Diana insults how ugly the city looks. Obviously going from Themsycira to London is a downgrade. We see her save Steve as he switches from saying “stand behind me” to “or maybe not” after she blocks a bullet. Overall that was a solid teaser, but it has no chance when compared to last year’s Batman v Superman teaser.
Wonder Woman releases on June 2, 2017.

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