Gotham 3×18 “Heroes Rise: Light The Wick” Review 

Gotham continues to be one of the most underrated and best DC TV shows. It doesn’t get the attention of the CW shows. This season in Gotham. This episode of Gotham focuses a lot on Jim Gordon and the return of an old character. Warning! SPOILERS FOR GOTHAM SEASON 3. 

The episode opens with Nathaniel Barnes being kidnapped by Talon for the Court. Hugo Strange is with them and is trying to get a sample of the Alice Tetch virus for the Court. When talking to Kathryn, he reveals that he saved Fish Mooney and has weaponized the virus by using it on a test dummy, a man. Meanwhile, Lee wants Jim to be investigated for the murder of Frank Gordon but Bullock shoots her down, not literally. Jim tries to learn more aboutthe Court and manages to get into Kathryn’s house and take a keycard for Wayne Enterprises. Lucius helps Jim find out where the card is for and they meet Strange who tells Jim of the Court’s plan. Jim, Talon and Kathryn are all at a dance when she reveals that the weapon is to be used here. Earlier in the episode, Oswald gave Jim a phone so that he may give the Court it so that they could talk. Jim uses Oswald’s help against Talon and saves everyone. Oswald and Nygma are trapped in separate cages adjacent to each other. Kathryn wants Barnes to kill Jim and he plans to do just that. Leslie leaves town as Jim and her argue.

Bruce is busy training with his teacher in some building in the mountain ranges. The teacher wants him to let go of his anger which he gets Bruce to do. He then reveals that they will soon return to Gotham.

Lastly, Ivy goes to the hospital to see Cat after she was pushed out a window by fake Bruce. Cat is dying but Ivy uses her plants to heal her. 

This episode of Gotham was heavily focused on Jim Gordon. The Court of Owls storyline is coming to a head as the season winds down. Bruce plays an integral part in that yet that still remains vague. The criminals of Gotham get caught up in it as well. Cat almost dies because of Fake Bruce while Ivy shows off her more human side. Penguin and Nygma are trapped and now, the entire city has to worry about Barnes. 

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