Arrow 5×23 Lian Yu Review

Arrow season 5 has been extremely good and this is the finale!


Last week on Arrow, team Arrow was celebrating the defeat of Adrian Chase. Unfortunately, Chase manipulated Oliver into releasing him due to kidnapping his son and friends. Oliver recruited Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa Al-Ghul and SLADE Wilson to help him.

The episode opens up with Oliver releasing Slade from prison and recruiting him. Slade is clearly changed and wants to help Oliver. Oliver also recruits Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang. Nyssa and Merlyn are unpacking gear from the plane that Oliver took to get to the island. It ends up being blown up by an RPG. They end up finding some members of the team, Felicity, Curtis, Thea, and William’s mother Samantha. Evelyn and Talia appear and Digger turns to help Chase’s side. Slade fake helps Digger only to trick him and Talia long enough for Nyssa to chase them off. Oliver traps Evelyn in the cage and tells Merlyn to take the members who were just rescued to the mainland. Felicity kisses Oliver. Meanwhile, Quentin, Rene, Diggle, and Dinah are in a temple. Thea accidentally steps on a mine, but Malcolm takes her place. Then, Boonerang shows up as Thea, Felicity, Samantha and Curtis run. Merlyn blows up the bomb, seemingly killing Harkness and himself. Oliver, Slade and Nyssa go into the temple and Slade betrays Oliver, handing him over to Chase’s prison. The other members of Team Arrow who are trying to escape discover C4 all over the island. Oliver gives Dinah a device that would allow her to Canary Cry. Nyssa defeats Talia and it is revealed that Slade faked the betrayal of Oliver. There is a huge epic fight between Oliver’s team against Chase, Black Siren and Talia’s assassins. Oliver beats Chase who tells him that William is dead and escapes. Oliver chases him while the rest of the team goes to Felicity’s location. Oliver chases Adrian to a boat where Adrian has his son in a headlock. Oliver either kills Chase which will set off the C4 killing his friends or let Chase kill his son. He shoots Adrian in the foot and saves him. Chase commits suicide and the island blows up.

In the flashbacks, Oliver takes down Kovar’s men before blowing up Kovar’s helicopter and killing him. He then gets his gear together and gets on the boat that we saw in season 1. He talks to Moira through a phone.

Wow….. WHAT A FINALE. The episode is a nail biter. Adrian Chase was one of Arrow’s best villains ever! Slade and Oliver’s friendship was awesome in the episode. Now we have a Walking Dead type mystery, who died on the Island? Is Olicity getting back together? How is Oliver going to raise William who now knows his dad is the Green Arrow? So many questions and so many answers to come. 

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