Spider-Man: Homecoming Cast Revealed

Warning: Potential Spoilers

Three weeks ago at Geek Motivation, we speculated whom Donald Glover might be playing in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, we might just have an answer to that and more! Earlier this weekend–and with less than two weeks left for the premiere–the full cast for next month’s movie was revealed.


First off, the fact that Donald Glover might be cast as Aaron Davis aka The Prowler makes a good set up for future Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines that involve Miles Morales becoming the next Spider-Man following Peter Parker. For now, however, reports from all over the web (pun intended) claim that Tom Holland will remain cast as Spider-Man for this year’s movie as well as for its two sequels.

aaron davis

In addition, there will be not one, but two Shockers in the movie. Also, Mac Gargan aka Scorpion has supposedly been cast in the movie. Maybe a future sequel will feature the villain. Multiple villains in one film have not proved viable in previous Spider-Man films *ahem* SM3 & TASM2 *ahem*, but who knows for sure?



Apparently, Angourie Rice has been cast as a girl named Betty instead of the rumored Gwen Stacy. Could this be Betty Brant–one of Peter’s love interests in the comics?

Amazing Spiderman 184-02

Jennifer Connelly has been cast as Karen/ Suit Lady. She will be playing an Artificial Intelligence for Peter Parker’s Spidey suit. Here are some fun fact(s): Connelly was in a previous Marvel movie, albeit not of the MCU, titled Hulk (2003); she is also married to Paul Bettany, who voiced JARVIS in the Iron Man trilogy from 2008 to 2013 (as well as 2012’s Avengers and its 2015 sequel, subtitled Age of Ultron) and portrays the Vision in succeeding MCU films.

Also, Gwyneth Paltrow is said to reprise her role as Pepper Potts in the film. That makes us wonder where her relationship with Tony is at this point in time.

Lastly, Zendaya has been cast as Michelle, however, fans have wanted her to be Mary Jane Watson. Other reports and rumors state that the actress’s character’s full name is Michelle Toomes, which implies that Zendaya might be portraying Adrian Toomes’s aka The Vulture’s daughter. Although, this should be taken with a grain of salt. There has been no confirmation as of yet.

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Source: ComicBookMovie and Syfy Wire

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