GM Recommended Reading: Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe


The Punisher has left a unique mark in the marvel universe with his militaristic strategies and his overall philosophy for how the world works. Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe gives an in-depth look at how the Punisher sees the world around him. 

Basic Plot 

In this alternate universe, Frank Castle’s family is caught in the crossfire of a major battle between superheroes and villains. Frank arrives on the scene too late and finds his family dead. This tragedy pushes Frank over the edge and gives him a new purpose. He emerges as the Punisher and vows to kill every super-being, no matter hero or villain, to avenge all of the innocent civilians who die in the crossfire. 


Doug Braithwaite’s drawings throughout the comic have superb shifts that fit each character. For a comic filled with fights, no action scene feels the same. Punisher’s fight with Spider-Man is very different from his fight with Captain America. Braithwaite also does a phenomenal job at making the characters pop out of their own panels to provide a very 3D vibe for the readers. 


Garth Ennis’ writing in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe gives more than just an action packed story. He also provides loads of philosophical questions that provoke thought and discussion amongst readers. As I finished the comic, I began to ask myself questions like, “Where is the line between hero and villain?” or “How do heroes deal with the inevitable death of innocents in their line of work?”


Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is a very thought provoking comic that illustrates some immensely diverse action. The readers will never forget the heartbreaking destruction and philosophical dilemma brought forth from this comic. 


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