Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Title Revealed 

Arrow Season 5 ended a short while back and left viewers waiting for what came next. The actors went on their short break, and Arrow showrunner Marc Guggeheim tweeted out some info about Arrow Season 6 Episode 1.

The episode will be titled Fallout, and will be written by Guggeheim and co-showrunner Wendy Mericle and directed by James “Bam Bam” Bamford. Bamford is the show’s stunt coordinator. He directed episodes 1,2, and 8 of Season 5, as well as episodes 7, and 14 of Season 4. The episode will also shoot from July 7th to July 19th. Fallout was also the title of The Flash Season 1 Episode 14.


After Lian Yu was blown up, we were all wondering what happens to Oliver’s friends and family. Fallout is a perfect title that describes what happens in the episode. The episode will showcase the fallout of the Lian Yu explosion.

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1 thought on “Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Title Revealed 

  1. Arrow First Episode 1 is really Awesome, Eagerly waiting for the second Episode. Love the Arrow.


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