The Defenders Will Launch Phase 2 Of The Netflix MCU

Since the release of Daredevil, the shows in the Netflix MCU have been building up to this, these four heroes united to save New York City.

In an interview with DigitalSpy, Finn Jones said the series “feels like the end of Phase One” and “the beginning of another phase” and teased a bit of what viewers can expect:

“Let’s just say there are certain events that happen at the end of The Defenders which are going to rock everyone’s world. So people aren’t going to be the same after the end of The Defenders.”

He also talked a bit of the relationship between Danny and Luke relationship:

“Me and Mike get on really well, we have a natural good chemistry,” said Jones. “The way that Marco’s written Danny and Luke is really clever – it’s not on the nose, and it feels relevant. The pairing feels relevant, which I think is the most important thing.”


The Defenders Season 1 will be launched August 18th on Netflix

Source: DigitalSpy

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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