“DC Extended Universe” Title Made Up By Entertainment Weekly

Batman News reported some information about the famous phrase used when talking about the film universe featuring Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC live action films. The phrase DC Extended Universe is not official, it was made up by Entertainment Weekly. In an interview, Geoff Johns talked a lot about the DC flicks and spoke about how no one at DC used the term DC Extended Universe. It turns out that in 2015, Keith Staskiewicz wrote it in an article for Entertainment Weekly.

“It was my own phrasing when I used it in the story. Just seemed like the kind of thing they’d call it!,” Staskiewicz said. “I just looked back on the piece now and noticed the (in-my-mind) sardonic little trademark symbol I gave it. Whoops.”

The DCEU or whatever we should call it, will release a new film, Justice League this November.

Written by Neil Sharma

Sources: Batman News

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