Supergirl 3×02 Triggers: Recap And Review

Supergirl season 2 began last week with a new Kara Danvers. Kara changed after Mon-El left. She’s not as happy go lucky. Alex and Maggie are going to get married. Morgan Edge is a new bad guy in town, a sexist, secretive millionaire.



The episode opens up showing Alex and Maggie’s romantic relationship, alongside of Reign and Ruby’s mother-daughter relationship. We see how happy they are together compared to Kara being super lonely. Kara finds Romeo and Juliet, which Mon-El read last season.

Lena arrives for her first day at CatCo and she is already a much more lenient leader than Cat Grant was. Kara has to run off to fight a new bad girl, PSI. The new bad girl is robbing banks and uses her psychic ability to make Kara feel claustrophobic. When asked to admit it, she denies it saying that it is a human problem. John uses his ability to search for psychic residue to figure out that the new bad girl is a metahuman.

Reign is called into Ruby’s school because Ruby punched a girl in the face. Ruby has always been a good child so this completely shocks Reign.

Lena and James are completely off in terms of communication. She held a meeting without his knowledge.

Kara goes to face PSI again and John tries to assist with a psychic shield. The shield fails and Kara is sent into the pod when Krypton exploded. She only tells Winn about that experience so he can make a device to counteract PSI’s abilities. PSI is targeting people’s fears. Lena tries to get Kara to open up about her act, but fails. Kara is ready to face PSI again, but she has a panic attack in the elevator. Ruby thinks her mom has powers, but her mom denies it.

Kara tries some kryptonian meditation when Alex interrupts and talks to her. Ruby goes to a cafe which just happens to be where PSI robs next. She texts her mom to come save her. Kara uses a new device against PSI, but it fails and she sees Mon-El dying because of her. Alex saves her and she defeats PSI. Alex meets Ruby again.

Reign talks about how having superpowers doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t have to work. Lena introduces Kara to Samantha Aries (Reign’s real name) who is taking over for Lena at Lcorp. Samantha tries to break a crowbar at home and fails to do so. Kara and Alex are watching a movie and John is in the alien bar when M’gann tells him to come to Mars.


Kara continues on her anti-human path. She’s against herself being human. She once again refers to an issue that she suffered as a human problem. She’s slowly starting to come around. Samantha and her daughter Ruby are interesting characters this season. It’ll be interesting to see how Samantha turns into Reign.

Written by Neil Sharma

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