Supergirl 3×04 Review (The Faithful)

Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl season 3.

Supergirl season 3 is off to a fantastic start. The show feels reinvigorated, with a new tone that keeps what fans loved from previous seasons. On last week’s episode, Kara and J’ohnn went to Mars to help M’gann M’orzz. They recovered J’ohnn’s dad and brought him to earth.


The episode opens up with a man on a plane being insulted by another man for saying “We’re pregnant”. He talks about how life has disappointed him. The engines of the plane fail and it is about to land in the water. It’s revealed that this scene took place during Kara’s first save, from episode 1. They then flash forward to Ruby playing soccer. She scored an amazing goal. Samantha talks to a woman who wants to have them come to a community for a path. Samantha, Kara and Lena decide to have girls night out at Kara’s place. Kara sees the pamphlet about the community and takes it with permission. James and Winn are deciding whether or not to fight crime or bowling. It turns out that Rao, a Kryptonian god. Kara goes to the community with James and Winn. The same man who was insulting the other guy is talking at a podium. He is there because Supergirl saved them. The words that he says are the same as what Kara’s mother said to her as a child. One of the girls there talks about how she was drunk and falling to her death before being saved by Supergirl. They’re worshipping Supergirl as their savior. They’re praying to Supergirl. Thomas Coville is the man’s name. His life fell apart apart after his wife left him. Kara says that it is a cult. Kara goes to stop a burning building during girl’s night out. She saves a man from the building who says that he was waiting for her. He kneels before her. Maggie is unable to do anything against Coville as he didn’t break the law. Samantha has to ignore her daughter to deal with Morgan Edge. Kara goes to Coville and asks questions about his religion. He knows that she is Supergirl. He wants to help Kara and gives her an artifact with what Rao says. She uses what he believes against him by telling him what to do. He prays to a kryptonian pod after she leaves. Ruby falls asleep on the couch in Samantha’s office. Samantha finally saves the deal. She talks to James about how she’s having trouble with Coville. James talks about how he was in dangerous and how he was light headed before losing his footing and being saved by Superman. James accidentally reveals a secret message when holding the artifact. The pod thing he was praying to, is unstable and he is about to have it go boom under a hockey rink. The BetaHedron (the pod) starts affecting Kara since it has kryptonite in it. Kara cuts herself so she bleeds and proves that she isn’t a god. Coville tries turning off the BetaHedron but fails. Alex arrives and opens the BetaHedron and gets the the kryptonite away from Supergirl. Kara heat blasts the ground digging a hole and Alex Coville push the BetaHedron into the hole. Kara lays unconscious. Kara talks to him in prison. Kara sees a bunch of girls dancing as Supergirls. Alex cries during Ruby’s song and leaves the room. Alex wants to have kids and she’s struggling about life. Kara prays as we see J’ohnn with his dad, Alex and Maggie as well. Samantha starts seeing symbols on her skin as a demon of her imagination appears before her. Ruby walks in. It turns out that the BetaHedron explosion repoweredthe pod that brought Reign to earth. Something on the ship awakens.


This was another solid episode for Supergirl. Supergirl is the most political show on the CW. This week was all about beliefs and religion. Kara continues to take steps towards being Supergirl. Samantha started to take steps towards being Reign. That was not her on the ship so who could that be? Is that one of her fellow Kryptonian? Is that Doomsday? So far Reign has been the best villain and she’s only had 3 episodes of screen time. Alex struggles with the issue of not having kids. She really badly wants them and it’ll probably be the reason why she and Maggie split. James and Winn need more of a storyline. Dating back to last season, James has not been a vital character. He needs a storyline badly.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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