Gotham 4×11 Review (A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Night)


This season on Gotham has focused on Jim Gordon against the Penguin for control of Gotham City. Penguin has been running things while Jim has tried to get power away from him. Sofia Falcone, daughter of Carmine Falcone has tried to help him. Bruce was going around town fighting as Batman. After killing Ra’s Al Ghul, Bruce has been partying a lot. Nygma and Leslie Thompkins are trying to run the Narrows. This is the mid-season finale.


The episode begins with Sofia, Tabitha and Barbara going after Penguin’s secretary. Jim and the GCPD find a dead body that was affected by Pyg. Sofia and the trio of Barbara, Tabitha and Cat are in the Iceberg Lounge. Sofia and the girls go to meet Carmine Falcone at his house. Carmine is angry at his daughter for going back to Gotham. Carmine only cares about his family and he slaps Sofia. He says that she’s dishonored their family. Penguin walks in and shows off how he manipulated everything. Alfred finds Bruce sleeping with a bunch of friends and girls. He got a noise complaint. Jim sees Carmine who tells him that he’s taking Sofia out of Gotham. Sofia touches a rose and starts bleeding. A truck with gangsters shoots and kills Carmine. They hit Sofia Falcone. Oswald says that he did not kill Falcone but everyone thinks that he did. At Falcone’s funeral, Sofia arrives in a wheelchair. She thinks that Penguin did this and Shane’s Jim for not arresting him. Victor goes to see the body and takes a bullet out of his gun to bury with Falcone. Bullock arrives at the funeral. He tries to get Jim to go after Penguin. He blames Jim. Jim escorts Sofia out of there. Oswald goes to be GCPD and talks on the PA asking for Jim. He refuses to tell him where she is. Oswald tries to convince the cops to join him and they refuse. Gordon has his cops suit up for Penguin’s men. Tabitha is tied up with Barbara and Cat but they take down the men holding them hostage. Sofia is told about Jim’s plan and has a solution. She still thinks that Martin was killed. Jim tries to arrest Oswald for killing Martin. He tells Jim that he faked Martin’s death. Victor lies to Jim about what Oswald did. He’ll testify to it. They arrest Oswald Cobblepot. Victor meets with Sofia and the ladies. He works for her. Tabitha leaves Barbara. Bruce is looking at his passports. Alfred has an operation to save Bruce Wayne. Alfred is going to take Bruce to the Swiss alps. Bruce doesn’t want to go back to being in pain. Alfred grabs Bruce’s hand. Bruce get ready to fight Alfred. Alfred beats Bruce to the point of punching him in the face. Ed Nygma is having a meltdown. He is talking to the riddler and he reveals that he is in love with Lee. Grundy keeps hearing the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme on a record. A smoke bomb knocks him out and Tabitha is the one who threw it at him. Tabitha tries to fix Grundy’s memory. She even kissed him. Grundy is sorry for not remembering her. She decides to use pain to make him remember her. Jim visits Sofia and is surprised by Pyg. Sofia sent Pyg to this city. Pyg isn’t as crazy as he looked he was just acting. Sofia admits that she ordered the hit and that Pyg shot her to throw off the trail. Sofia kills Pyg and gets up from her chair. Sofia wants to control Jim as revenge for how he killed Mario. Jim has a choice, let Sofia go or have her arrested and have her talk. Sofia calls the GCPD and says that he killed Pyg. Alfred says that he isn’t going to stop Bruce. Bruce had emancipation papers drawer. Bruce fires Alfred. Tabitha is making Grundy’s face blue. She kisses him again but he doesn’t remember her. Alfred leaves with his bags packed. Bruce continues his party hard lifestyle. Bullock is back at GCPD but says that Jim doesn’t need him. Harvey dropped off his gun and badge. Grundy wakes up and remembers who he is. Oswald is in Arkham Asylum. Someone starts talking to him. That person is Jerome Valeska!


This episode was another example of how Gotham will always be corrupt as hell. Jim Gordon has his hands tied behind his back. There is no way for Jim to win. If he tries to do things morally he won’t succeed and if he does things in an effective manner he ends up feeling haunted by his past. Jim cannot win. Bruce continues to spiral down a dark path in this episode. He turned into the playboy that we know he is the in the comics. Oswald continues to spiral out of control as well. He is now in Arkham and will meet Jerome.

Easter Eggs

  • This isn’t the first time that Bruce has fired Alfred on the show. He did so in season 1 but cancelled it.

Written By Neil Sharma

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